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Movie titles are an interesting thing. When all said and done…they really mean nothing. That being said, a bad title can do horrible things for a movie. Perhaps they’ll detract a potential audience, or maybe they’ll offend someone in some strange way. However, when all said and done, they’re nothing to be excited for, right? Wrong. Just a couple weeks back, it was revealed that Star Wars: The Last Jedi would be the title of Episode VIII, and fans (this one included) went rampant with speculation.

The amount of information that can be inferred from a title is crazy, and it should be a crime for Lucasfilm to hold onto them for as long as they tend to for their movies. The same can be said of the upcoming Han Solo spinoff. How annoying is it that whenever referring to it, we have to call it the Han Solo spinoff movie? As someone who types it roughly 187 times a day, I’ll tell you: it’s pretty annoying. But considering the movie is still nearly a year and a half away, chances are we won’t get one for a while, right?

Sadly, if a new rumor from the good folks over at Star Wars News Net is to be believed, yes, we have quite a long while to wait. In a recent tweet from the outlet’s official account, they reported that the movie’s title is set to be revealed at this year’s D23 event.

For those who don’t know, D23 is the biennial event where they celebrate all things Disney. It’s pretty much the Star Wars Celebration, but on a much grander scale in terms of the material covered. As stated in the tweet, this year’s event (which promises to be bigger) will take place from July 14 to July 16.

Assuming that this tweet is correct, this would actually mean there will be less than a year before the Han Solo film’s release before we finally get a title. So if you were hoping we’d find out sooner than we found out the title for The Last Jedi, you’d be disappointed. It’s pretty much the same.

What would you like to be the title for the Han Solo Star Wars movie? I don’t ask for a lot in life, but I personally couldn’t live in this world if they went with Scoundrels: A Star Wars Story. Let us know your own thoughts down below!

The Han Solo spinoff film hits theaters on May 25, 2018.

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SOURCE: Star Wars News Net (via Twitter)