– by Seth McDonald

While Deadpool was a monumental success, and Deadpool 2 seems likely to follow suit. Ryan Reynolds, who plays the Merc with the Mouth, has also experienced his share of bad superhero experiences. Roughly five years before Deadpool, Reynolds was cast to play one of the most popular DC heroes in Green Lantern. The film was not well received and was panned by both fans and critics. Reynolds recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly, and said he has never seen the finished version of the film:

“I’ve got to be really careful how I answer this. Look, I’ve never seen the full final version of Green Lantern. I saw a very late stage rough cut of the film. Now, that isn’t to say that I didn’t want to see it because I didn’t like it. I have movies that have been received pretty well that I haven’t seen, and then I have movies that I have seen 100 times that people don’t like but I just like. The Green Lantern [joke in Deadpool] to me is just sort of, I don’t know, kind of fun. It’s me just taking the piss out of me, but it’s more Wade [Deadpool’s real name] though.”

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When watching his own movies, it doesn’t appear as if the opinions of fans or critics have any influence on Reynolds. Green Lantern was not a good film, but it’s nice to see that Reynolds can make fun of himself. Most of all, the success of Deadpool has done much to erase the memory of the failed Green Lantern film. Reynolds true calling was always Deadpool, he just had to face some trials before that time arrived.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly