– by Campbell Clark

Daniel Craig has been a great James Bond so far, but all signs point to No Time To Die being his last performance as the British super spy 007, so what happens next?

One thing we can be pretty certain of is that this will not be the end for James Bond. The character always lives on into a new iteration of 007, so the question remains is who will suit up as the next Bond? One of the actors who’s name has been tipped as possible future Bond is Richard Madden, (Game of Thrones, Bodyguard, Eternals) who for me may be still a few years too young for Bond. Saying that, there are several reasons many think he is perfect for the role eventually and I happen to agree.

So does Madden’s former co-star in Game of Thrones Sean Bean. Bean played Ned Stark, the father of Madden’s Robb Stark in the massive show, and although both characters faced horrific deaths in that show, Bean thinks Madden is the perfect choice for Bond. The veteran actor caught up with The Sun recently and talked up his former colleague for Bond in glowing terms, check it out.

“He’s got everything that’s required of the role. He’s strong, he’s masculine and he’s also got a soft underbelly, he’s vulnerable, good looking — Scottish! I can’t see why he wouldn’t get the part. Everybody was great who came through Game Of Thrones. But I always sensed he was a very fine actor. He had gravity and that thing we talked about at drama school — presence. He had a lot of presence.”

I have to say, as a Scotsman, I think it’s time to get back around to a Scottish version of Bond, something we have not had since Sean Connery famously began the role on film. Bond has Scottish heritage in the source novels, and was likely based on a Scottish Special Forces Soldier that creator Ian Fleming met in World War 2.

That doesn’t mean Bond HAS to be Scottish, realistically Bond can be from any of the Nations in the UK. We have had English twice, Scottish once, Welsh once, Irish once, and even Australian once. The latter two are not actors from the UK, but the accent’s they used were English, as was that of Welsh actor Timothy Dalton. Sean Connery was the only time we have had an actor with a Scottish accent, and I’d love to see Madden in the role with his natural accent as Bond.

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As said above, my only concern right now, is that Madden for me is still a little too young for Bond, whom I always picture late 30’s to early 40’s. However, by the time No Time To Die comes and goes, and after a few years break, who knows, maybe Madden would have hit the perfect age to begin? Of course, this might all depend on how much of a megastar Madden becomes with his role in Marvel’s Eternals, and whether that role is one that will span the entirety of whatever Marvel’s next Saga is called.

What do you think of Bean’s comments and do you see Madden as James Bond in the future? Shaken or stirred, leave your thoughts in the usual spot below.

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