– by Shockey

For those of you who have been fan of the site for a while you may remember the weekly segment Comic Uno’s Weekly Roundup hosted by Kat Calamia.  She is also a successful comic book creator, successfully publishing her own work Like Father, Like Daughter through Short Fuse Media and Kickstarter.  She has continued her success by teaming up with Short Fuse Media to help other indie comic book creators realize their dream of publishing their work.
Short Fuse Media’s next big project is titled Spirit’s Destiny which is a story about a normal teenage girl, Destiny, who takes it upon herself to be rebellious. After a day of sneaking out to hang out with her friends, she learns that her choices lead to severe consequences.  This story, created by Dorphise Jean, is about a girl embracing her new powers and her Haitian culture.  Dorphise Jean is Haitian herself and wanted to create a comic book character that represents her identity and culture.
If you would like to know more about Spirit’s Destiny or Dorphise Jean you can check out her Kickstarter Page.

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