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According to the Barside Buzz, Silver Surfer is in development at Marvel Studios. However there is less agreement on whether this is a movie, or a Special on Disney+? The first report came from the people over at TCC, who have a great hit rate for Marvel Studios inside information.

Here is what they had to say.

We at The Cosmic Circus can confirm that Marvel Studios is indeed developing a Silver Surfer solo project. Additionally, our sources confirm Giant Freakin Robot’s claims earlier this month, that Marvel has plans for a Silver Surfer Special Presentation on Disney+.

Per our sources, the Silver Surfer Special Presentation will have a similar style to Werewolf by Night. The project will feature Norrin Radd as Galactus’ Herald out in the far corners of the cosmos. Radd will not be on Earth during his special presentation and will also not interact with any cosmic characters already established in the MCU.

Hence, Silver Surfer will be a very isolated story within the context of the MCU. Our sources were also able to describe the vibe of the special. They cited Netflix’s The Sandman as an inspiration for the Special Presentation, but with a cosmic spin.

Additionally, our sources confirmed a potential release window for the upcoming Silver Surfer special. Per our sources, we’re told that this special presentation will release a few months before the Fantastic Four premiere in February 2025. Although the current phases of projects are still unpredictable and could shift as time passes, we’re being told that the special MUST release before the film.

Now much of the article goes into previous claims by the outlet that Marvel is developing several of these one-off Specials. We shared this claim with our readers recently. Far as I can tell this is very accurate and the Barside Buzz certainly seems to be swinging that way.

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However, another very good Marvel insider claims that Silver Surfer isn’t a Special and will in fact be a movie instead. Check it out.

I think what is likely clear is that Silver Surfer seems to be moving closer to his MCU debut. I mean, we’ve known since the purchase of Fox by Disney that Surfer would be in development, however it feels like it’s poised. As yet there are no rumors (credible) that I’ve seen about any talent attached. However, my bet is that that news will trickle out soon enough. That’s if this is one of the unannounced projects for the current Multiverse Saga. As per TCC you can see their sources claim this has to come before Fantastic Four.

Special, or a movie?

This will come down to ones own subjective opinion I guess and ultimately that opinion matters little on it’s own to Kevin Feige. My comic book reading inner child says movie all the way, I always loved Surfer, and I want it to look amazing. That being said, is the general more casual audience out there really going to turn up in droves to see a Surfer solo movie? I think that seems a little unlikely.

Maybe there’s a Special initially and then a later movie in development at the same time? A Special where we see Surfer recalling his own backstory as Norrin Radd would be cool. How he became herald of Galactus would be a great introduction to the character. Then, we get a Surfer focused movie with a bigger budget and a proper introduction of Galactus? Just speculation on my part.

I’m excited no matter what. Give me the Surfer in the MCU, I cannot wait. What do you think of the rumor Silver Surfer is in development at Marvel Studios, though whether it’s a movie or Special is unclear? As always leave your thoughts below.

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