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In who may end up being one of the film’s more interesting characters, actress Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) plays Qi’ra, a femme fatale type character in Solo: A Star Wars Story. The actress recently spoke at the Solo Press Conference and discussed her character, and the trials she faces in the film.

“Yeah, it’s pre-, I mean, playing mysterious is quite difficult note [PH] — I’ve got to be honest. [LAUGHTER] And so… it was, it was really, it was really fun. It’s really difficult to talk about because she is a pretty mysterious character. You kind of need to keep tabs on her throughout the movie and so I’m promoting a movie that you can’t really speak too much about. She is one of the harder ones to discuss. But, um… we meet her quite early on with Han and then they’re separated for whatever reason and we — when we find her again, she seems to have lived… a pretty dark life in that time. So when you re-find her, you can’t quite figure out what it is that’s happened to her in the time that you haven’t been with her and who it is that she is now and I think that’s a question that kind of keeps coming up throughout the movie.”

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Clarke appears to be very careful in choosing her words, as if she is consciously trying to not let something slip. Her words lend some credence to a theory I read a few days ago. I will give a small potential spoiler warning right here, just know I haven’t seen the film yet and have no idea if this is true.





The theory I read proposed the person who we are led to believe is Enfys Nest is simply a decoy and Emilia Clarke’s character Qi’ra is actually Enfys Nest. This would certainly throw unsuspecting viewers for a loop. The idea sounds at least probable in my opinion, but as usual, take it with a grain of salt. This isn’t a difficult theory to come up with, but it is fitting to the type of movie Solo is shaping up to be

Solo: A Star Wars Story is in theaters Friday.

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Source: Solo Press Conference