– by Nick Doll

Just like Universal’s Dark Universe, is Sony’s VenomVerse/SpiderVerse falling apart already?

Venom was announced first, and is in post-production with an October release date. Silver & Black, a film about sometimes Spider-Man allies Black Cat and Silver Sable was quickly announced after that, a more questionable title than even a Venom film without Spider-Man. It had a writer, director, and start date of February 8, 2019, but not it appears the project is on hold… indefinitely:

“Undated” doesn’t mean it will never happen, but Venom has got to be one hell of a hit to bring back Silver & Black.

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Now, obviously Sony isn’t ending this SpiderVerse without Spider-Man, making moves towards a Morbius film, based on a Spider-Man villain. There have been rumors about a Kraven film as well.

I would tell Sony to wait and see how Venom does, and then realize he may be the most popular character they own, so manage expectations for other spinoffs. It would be a shame if Sony built up an entire universe prematurely and ruin everything. It wouldn’t be the first time. Then again, I still think we’re better off not making movies about character so connected to Spider-Man without Spider-Man being present.

How do you feel about this? Think Sony’s new universe is doomed? Would you like to see it continue to move forward? Let us know in the comment section below!

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SOURCE: Exhibitor Relations