[Potential Spoilers] Spider-Man: Far From Home Director Talks Mysterio And Mentions A Possible New Villain

There are some potential spoilers ahead. Some may think of them as light, some may feel they’re huge. The following interview discusses the Mysterio character in more depth and mentions a new potential villain that had not been announced yet. The interview is an official interview and not something that was leaked, so take the words as truthful as anything Marvel has ever said… Like Endgame not having been guessed as a title or that the Snap wouldn’t be undone the way we all thought…









We are less than two months from the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home and the big screen debut of one of the wall-crawlers most famous baddie, Mysterio. Full disclosure, this is my favorite Spidey villain and I have been waiting for him to be in a movie since the end credits of Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man. I can not wait to see this film!

Fellow entertainment outlet Collider recently spoke with the film’s director, Jon Watts, about Mysterio and his entrance to the ever-expanding MCU. They discussed many things and dropped some hints about the movie.

The outlet asked Watts about the comics used as inspiration for the upcoming film and mentioned knowing there will be twists in the film. Watt replied:

“Uh, I mean I was really going back to the very beginning. It was pretty clear that Mysterio would be the next villain with Jackal, just because he’s, you know, part of the original Rogues Gallery, he looks cool, and we’ve never seen him in a movie before. I wanted to do Mysterio. I just went back and read the original Mysterio comic and just started from that, and it’s good to remind yourself why characters jump out in the first place, and I want to try and tackle who he is as a person in the same way we did with Peter and the Vulture. I was going to start with the same place of inspiration but then see where our take on the world takes it.”

I am really surprised this didn’t set off alarm bells across the internet as he mentions the Jackal and calls Mysterio a villain. Most of us always believed Mysterio would end up on the wrong side of Spidey by the films third act, but cast members have insisted that Jake Gyllenhaal’s character is a good guy. Additionally, it would appear that Jackal will play a role in this film too. The Jackal was introduced in 1965’s The Amazing Spider-Man #31 and is really Miles Warren, the brother of a teacher at Peter Parker’s school. There was an easter egg that mentions a Ms. Warren as a teacher of Parker’s in a Spider-Man: Homecoming tie-in mobile app.

The MCU has a habit of combining characters from the comics or combining versions of the same character from the 616 and Ultimate universes so I can see a scenario where Jackal is one of Peter’s teachers on this trip. I’m not the biggest fan of the villain, but having a teacher go bad while dealing with these elemental monsters, which appear to be amalgams of specific villains and the Elementals of the comics, would be a big challenge for the web-head.

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One of the best things about Mysterio is his costume. I must admit that I am incredibly pleased with the film’s version of this costume and thankful he didn’t get the 90s/00s treatment that Green Goblin got in the original Spider-Man. On the costume Watts had this to say:

“Yeah, well, part of the visual development process is to start with what is the totally faithful adaptation and then see what happens when you go in various directions just to see if anything interesting develops. And we did that with Mysterio, we started with something that was very true to the comics, but as you’re developing the character design you’re also developing the story so as the story changes we kind of incorporate different elements of Mysterio’s story and see how that would affect the design of the suit, but surprisingly, or maybe not surprisingly, in the end it was basically a big circle to where we came back around to a design that was very true to the original that also could tell the story that we wanted to tell. I’m really happy with it.”

I love hearing stuff like this. How much care and attention to the source material the filmmakers have paid. I have no doubt that the fishbowl helmet, which looks awesome with the smoke effect, will not be used as much as I’d wish but I am happy that it’s there.

What’s crazy is this is the last film that is in the original Disney/Marvel and Sony deal. There’s been no real news of a renewal or future deal and with the (unfortunate) success of Venom I fear that Sony may be taking Tom Holland’s Spidey back home to Sony-ville and will commence ruining what Marvel has started. Time will tell though, and we can always hope. Let’s face it, we all want to see Marvel’s take on Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus. Even though Alfred Molina’s Doc. Ock in Spider-Man 2 was pretty great.

What do you think of these revelations? Do you want to see the Jackal in this next film? Let us know in the comments below!

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Source: Collider

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