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What a world we live in where a character simply existing in a future film can be condemned as a spoiler. Oh well, such are the times we are currently in. With that in mind, I hope you didn’t click on this accidentally, because you’re about to get spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.







Esquire is reporting that Poe Dameron, played by Oscar Isaac in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi, will be returning for Star Wars: Episode IX. There are no extra details regarding what he’ll be doing in The Last Jedi or in Episode IX, but we do know for a fact that he will be shooting.

This is a fun little surprise because, as you may know, Poe Dameron was a character J.J. Abrams and co. were originally planning on killing in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. You remember that crash in the film near the beginning of the film? Yeah, he wasn’t originally supposed to survive that.

On a potentially sadder note, however, it doesn’t sound like he’ll be lighting up the screen too much in The Last Jedi. Speaking with the outlet, Isaac said the movie will have give him “not that much more, but a little more to do.”

Way to sell it!

Are you excited to see more of Poe Dameron in the films? Do you think the studio should be taking better advantage of the characters? Let us know down below!

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SOURCE: Esquire

  • Vector

    This is no surprise what so fucking ever. LOL

  • Victor Roa

    As much as I didn’t think about it, I would cry if I did have to see BB8 over the body of Poe.

    • Lenin1959

      I wouldn’t. Poe Dameron is just a too flat character. They copied and pasted Tom Cruise in Top Gun and put him into a Star Wars movie. Kids need their poster boys.

      • Victor Roa

        Think of it this way, if a guy pets a dog in a movie you can feel something for him, if a bad guy kicks a dog then you will also feel something. As flat as Poe, is knowing BB8 is his droid is more then blowing up a Super Deathstar.

      • Loveblanket

        In fairness, I was going to be an Air Force pilot until I found out I was colorblind and know quite a few fighter pilots. They pretty much all have flat characters modeled after Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Poe’s a hot shot pilot and that’s kind of how they act and think of themselves. I’m not sure what kind of depth you’re looking for. Did you complain about the lack of depth with Wedge Antilles in the original trilogy. People keep saying how flat these characters are, but they ignore the OT completely. When the credits rolled after ROTJ, what did we know about the emperor? How much depth was there to Vader? The Emperor was evil because um….stuff. Vader was a guy who at some point was good, but then was evil. He fought in something called the Clone Wars, given in great detail in one single line in the entire trilogy and somehow he had 2 kids that he didn’t know existed, no mention of his kids mother, no mention how Vader found out Luke was his kid between films or why he didn’t then also find out about Leia. I could write pages of this crap. TLDR version, these characters have far more depth than the first 6 movies. People are just blinded by nostalgia glasses.

  • Fallout Boy!

    Disposable characters created by a diversity committee to sell toys across a wide demographic. Characters of any race could be worth emotional investment of they had actual substance. Instead, we have $200 million dollar tentpoles shaped to justify a $5 billion dollar purchase. Only ‘more of the same’ guarantees success. Originality is the death knell of franchise continuity. KK is responsible for overseeing some of the great franchises of pop culture. But in this instance her mandate is to keep the balloon in the air via the most efficient generation of – what else? Hot air. It shows. I was at Celebration for the Ep. 7 trailer reveal. The fan love was incredible. At the Premiere, the subtle glossed over by a fiscally necessitated and contractually obligatory ‘faux-optimism’. Weird, but you felt it. The quiet, underlying fug of disappointment was wretched, but you can’t hide that shit . All the style, none of the heart. A fairly skilled technician can replicate a great work of art but it’s still a copy and under even casual examination reveals itself as such. Abrams et al are gifted copyists, but none will ever defy the payday dictates. Serve the Mouse above all. Preserve the image, promote the goods, forego the flights of

  • Veteran

    I thought this would be on Leia. Way to sucker me in. You played me.

    • the50sguystrikesback



    Things I predict about the Last Jedi:

    – Leia bites the dust. Probably in a desperate attempt leading her to self sacrifice and bring down some part of the Order

    – Rey is really ????’s daughter. If not Luke, then she’s a Kenobi, they wouldn’t just have her be a stranger with no real ties to the Skywalker family.

    – Kylo Ren becomes a Darth in this film. Setting things up after the death of both of his parents and to his redemption in Episode 9

    – Rey loses one of her hands. Happened Empire Strikes Back and Attack Of The Clones so lets keep it up with the middle entry of each trilogy leading to the main character becoming an amputee.

    – Finn and Rose hook up, just because that’s who we see together in the trailer.

    • Jeedai Infidel

      I hope this film helps Finn become more of a fan favorite, because I get a little sad every time I check the toy sections and see nothing but Finn toys collecting dust. His toys have become the generic Imperial Officer action figure that we all used to look behind for the good ones.

      • WTFITBS

        I’m just hoping for better villain this time around. Kylo Ren was the weakest main bad guy in all of the trilogies. I’m thinking his face becomes horribly disfigured and he dons an iron mask and becomes a Darth by the end of the film. Adam Driver is just too goofy looking to be taken seriously as a villain in any film.

        • Duck O’Death

          The fact that he’s goofy looking makes him an even more believable villian. He’s an angry guy still trying to prove himself, and his insecurity drives him to wear this scary mask because he looks the opposite without it. The insecure types in real life tend to be the most dangerous, and that is certainly Kylo. Could literally feel his emotional turmoil in the Han Solo bridge scene…the father telling the confused and pissed off son to come home. Kylo is a very well-conceived (and casted) villian, and one of the more interesting and human ones in Star Wars.

  • Loveblanket

    I don’t think too much of it either way. He had a couple fun moments in TFA, but I didn’t consider him a main character and his dialogue with Finn wasn’t great. He’s kind of like a slightly more in depth Wedge Antilles type character. I thought of the main new characters as Finn, Rey, and Kylo Ren.

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