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Star Wars: No Animated Rebels Sequel Likely, But Maybe A Rogue Squadron Show? | LRM Top Shelf Rumor

Lars Mikkelsen claims he's had no offer to play a live-action Thrawn in Ahsoka

UPDATE: Noah Outlaw over at KRT has doubled down on their claims of a Star Wars Rebels series.

While we have yet to hear anything on that, we will be checking back in with our sources to see if they unearth anything about the Rebels animated sequel series. If we turn out to be incorrect on that front, we will let you all know.


No animated Rebels sequel/Maybe a Rogue Squadron show coming? Read on for more details.

Recently, LRM has been sharing some scoops from our inside sources, including one at Lucasfilm. One of the scoops I’ve seen fans have doubts about is live-action shows coming for Ahsoka Tano, Boba Fett, and Ezra/Thrawn. The main reason for this doubt seems to be a rumor that fans have clung to. The rumor, that an animated sequel to Rebels was being developed and might even be well underway.

Now, I noticed some of our recent scoops have been picked up on the r/StarWarsLeaks Reddit. I browse that subreddit looking for any Star Wars news from other outlets we may have missed anyway. I’ve noticed many of the users commenting on our scoops that there’s no way a live-action Ahsoka show will happen because there is definitely an animated Rebels sequel coming. I, therefore, took it upon myself to pose this question to LRM‘s source at Lucasfilm, just to see what answer we got? For those fans hoping a Rebels animated sequel was coming, I got bad news for you.

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No animated Rebels sequel/Maybe a Rogue Squadron show

According to LRM‘s source, a Rebels animated sequel can’t happen because Ahsoka, Sabine, Ezra, and Thrawn are all now live-action. That would leave only Hera, or Zeb available for an animated show. Our source finds it highly unlikely that an animated Rebels sequel is being developed.

However, it does seem like the move to live-action for the characters I mentioned above would make the idea of an animated Rebels sequel unfeasible. Essentially the sequel to the story that began in Rebels seems to already have started, i.e. The Mandalorian. With an Ahsoka/Sabine, then Ezra/Thrawn show coming later, both already in development. Our source also told us previously that the Boba Fett show and The Mandalorian were all linked together with the other two shows in one big narrative.

Rogue Squadron?

Our source did give us one interesting piece of new animated information though. As said above I posed the animated Rebels question to our source. However, there was one project our source HAD heard about, and figured it was getting some decent traction. An animated Rogue Squadron series, which I’ll guess is still early development based on what we were told. Not all shows in development go ahead, but our source thinks this one has legs.

Now, we have no other details about setting, who is working on it, or anything so far. But our source has definitely heard about this animated show and thinks it could be building some steam. Rogue Squadron, if you don’t know, were an elite set of pilots, and their stories were further expanded in the old EU books post-Return of the Jedi. There was also the popular video games back in the day as well. My colleague Kyle Malone is our resident expert on Rogue Squadron having interviewed author Michael A. Stackpole. I’m sure Kyle will have a lot to say about this Rogue Squadron idea on LRMornings.

So, to recap, as far as source says, the future of Rebels is in live-action. But, we could be getting an animated Rogue Squadron show eventually. What do you think about no animated Rebels sequel/Maybe a Rogue Squadron show? Leave your thoughts below as always.

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