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It’s that time again folks, where you must decide between having a film potentially spoiled or being completely oblivious. Actually, the potential spoilers here are not that revealing. A recent Reddit user has posted a collection of photos that appear to be costume tests, concept art, and models. You can find the original post HERE. However, we are going to discuss some of these and the other rumors they may be connected too. So if you want to go into Episode IX completely spoiler free, go check out some of our other great stories. If you’re staying check out the photos and then scroll down.

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Still with me? Cool! LikeI said before, there’s not too much spoiled by these pictures. We see a few new aliens, some costumes for Rey, Lando, and Poe, and a new droid. What is interesting though is the image of Kylo Ren’s mask. If you remember the turbolift temper tantrum Ren had in The Last Jedi, you’ll remember the mask was smashed and left on the floor. However, this photo seems to confirm a leak I reported on in The Cantina back in December. The leak said the mask had been pieced back together and was glued with a red crystalline like substance. The photo shows exactly that.

The Reddit photo also shows a new droid that is described as annoying to BB-8. The same source story on the mask mentions a new droid companion for BB-8 that is very attached, almost like seeing the orange and white droid as its parent. So that’s two connections from previous leaks that these photos, if real, would confirm. The Reddit poster also says that his source was correct about other leaks from previous movies.

The reason this is stressing me out a bit comes from the fact that other rumors from similar sources have said that we will learn about Snoke’s past and Rey’s parents. Two things that will take up too much time and take away from the final chapter of the Skywalker story. I’ve made no secret that I wish The Last Jedi had done some things differently, but I also know that it was never important who Snoke is or used to be. It didn’t matter in the Original Trilogy who the Emperor was or how he come to power. So why should it matter for Snoke? Rey’s bloodline is something that can be important. It could explain why she’s so powerful, but if you know about the Force you know that it can become more powerful down a bloodline, skip generations, and appear in a being with no direct connection to another Force user. While I do wish we got a little bit of an explanation on her abilities, I don’t think she needs to have an important last name in her history.

Episode IX has two daunting tasks in front of it, finish the Skywalker Saga and reunite the fandom. We can talk all day long about what happened or should have happened in TLJ, but the best thing to do is actually lean into it and tell a complete story in the third film. Focus on Rey and Kylo. Give us at least one great space battle that doesn’t involve slow bombers (Why not use B-Wings???) or slow space chases. Have two of these movies connect through more than a name and characters.

What do you think about the pictures? How do you feel about the rumors these connect too? Let us know in the comments below!

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