– by Seth McDonald

Rian Johnson has divided the Star Wars fans with The Last Jedi.

There were many decisions to be made over the course of the film and in speaking with CinemaBlend, Johnson explained how he went about dealing with one of those decisions, namely what to do with one of Star Wars’ most iconic characters after the tragic loss of Carrie Fisher:

“I had this conversation with Kathy [Kennedy] after I came back, after New Years, after she’d passed away. And I looked through the scenes in the movie, and talked with Kathy. The thing is, it was briefly a question of ‘God, do we try and manufacture something to give her an ending in this movie?’ I decided, I came down strongly against that. Because I felt like, first of all, there was no way to do that without losing maybe her scene with Luke, or her scene with Rey at the end, or her scene with Holdo. … Any of the beautiful scenes in the movie, to lose — and also, then, it would be manufactured. It wouldn’t be great, I think.”

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This had to be a tough one for Johnson, with many fans already expecting Leia to make her final exit. The problem was not only what to do, but how to do it? It will be interesting to see how J.J. Abrams handles this in the trilogy’s next installment.

What did you think about how Leia was handled? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: CinemaBlend

  • TheOct8pus

    I see what he’s saying, but I can’t help but imagine how epic it would have been if Leia had maneuvered the star ship into the First Order’s fleet at light speed

    • Broian

      My exact thought as well. Luke feeling leia’s death still goes to Crait and could have handed the dice to Ben directly after kicking his ass.

    • Kratos

      yeh her sacrificing herself in a tits out way like that would have further cemented her reputation for badassery….perhaps afterwards she could have materialized as a force ghost and conversed with luke while he was still in self imposed exile…that conversation being the motivation for his return

      • TheOct8pus

        Literally tits out would have been better… ooor….maybe not, I’m visualizing it…

  • Kindofabigdeal

    A bigger question would be, why the hell did you think it was a good idea to have her come back in from space.
    Remember in Guardians 1 and 2 when Peter and Yondu were out in space. It showed how cold space actually is and how quickly you would freeze. Apparently space is a lot cooler in the galaxy far away.

    • Ryan Fink

      Force bubble protected her?

      • Midiclorian spray. Just spray some on yourself anytime you want that fresh Jedi feeling!

    • Barry Meltfarb

      As we all know, GotG is a documentary.

      Actually, the heat in your body can’t go anywhere if there’s no medium around you to draw it away. If you’re in empty space, you’ll retain your body heat. Also, space isn’t always cold; the Earth is in space, and for that matter, so is the Sun.

      You will, however, generate bubbles in your veins which will kill you if unattended to. But Leia made it back inside pretty quickly, and was immediately placed in futuristic medical stasis.

      • Kindofabigdeal

        Check out the big brain on Barry. You’s a smart mother fu*** Brett.
        Seriously though I did not know that about space. I always thought it meant instant death.

        • Barry Meltfarb

          Always happy to share some fun facts.

  • Vector

    “And then I said to Kathleen, ‘Let that cock-nosed bastard plot his way out of this mess!'”

  • I don’t know what they will do with her. I hope there is enough extra footage of her to allow them to craft SOMETHING for her. Even if she is killed straight away to show that the First Order is still there on their heels.

  • Ian Finnimore

    I’m sure some of her scenes could ha been re-edited – for goodness sake we had about twenty Michael Keatons on screen at once what – 20 years ago?

    Rian probably didn’t wan’t any of his scenes used by the ep9 director so just refused to change his story.

    • Barry Meltfarb

      Did you bother to read the article? It’s not that it was technically impossible, it simply would’ve ruined the narrative as written.

      • Ian Finnimore

        Narrative… we have a comedian here!

        I said that the scenes could have been re-edited – hell she is sucked into space – probably the best place to just let her go?

        Or do some jiggery pokery & split the Leia story – i.e edit between 8 & 9.

        • Barry Meltfarb

          What in the world are you talking about? How could she have scenes after the escape from Hux if she was sucked into space before it happened?

  • SnokeYou

    I’m enjoying the constant briage of stories being put out that somehow attempt to claim that Rian Johnson did a good job with 8. In 3 years, Last Jedi will be remembered for being a piece of crap and for Disney’s massive attempt to bribe media outlets to lay claim that it’s not a piece of crap.

    Space Milk, Space Leia, space bombs (rockets & laser cannons not good enough?), force Skype, kill’em bc there is no good in Kylo?, Mary Sue ( best pilot ever most power Jedi ever, speaks BB8, R2, and Wookiee), Finn the not funny coward, etc etc. Film is total trash. Plus not funny…at all. Not even a little.