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Cool couple bits of information here: It is important to start with the fact that, while I loved Kevin Smith in his Flash episodes, I did not like his 1st Supergirl episode. However, it is easy to say that it was not his fault, as bad writing in that episode ruined it, for the most part. That being said, he is coming back strong with a new Supergirl episode which investigates Daxam further (Mon-El’s home planet) and he even gave us a hint that the great Linda Carter (the ’70s Wonder Woman) will reprise her role as president. Check his Instagrams posted from the Daxam throne room:

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I have a gut feeling that Smith will be given a much better script this time, and with his comic knowledge he should be able to bring Daxam to life better than almost anyone. We must wonder just who the masked soldiers are, as this must be a flashback, but it will better Mon-El’s story, because since the mid-season premier he has been stagnant. At least Mon-El and Supergirl finally hooked up last week, and perhaps created Superbabies, but we all know THAT is a topic that doubtfully will be explored, when the episode from last week ended and the screen “faded to blur.”

Also, this may have been missed a few days ago, but in another Instagram he shows a good indication that Lynda Carter will be reprising her presidential role, and hopefully we may see her as Wonder Woman.

Gimmie some sugar baby!

This should be a fun episode to watch, and all indications are that it will air March 20th as Episode 17.

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