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Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston Back on the Case in Netflix’s Murder Mystery 2

How in the world Nick and Audrey Spitz solved their first murder mystery was the big question. Now Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are back solving their next case with Murder Mystery 2 for Netflix.

Adam Sandler Says He’s Never ‘Phoned One Thing In’— And I Kinda Believe Him

If you talk about Adam Sandler in film-loving communities, chance are there’ll be the discussion of three different aspects of his career. You’ll get his ‘90s comedy film career, his post-‘90s comedy career, and his

Why Adam Sandler Was Snubbed For An Oscar

If you haven't heard, actor Adam Sandler was snubbed for an Oscar nomination this year. Yes, you read that correctly. While I haven't seen the film, word around the news world is that Sandler turned