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Anthem: Neill Blomkamp’s Live-Action Video Game Short Hits…So How Is It?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wka5RovFEo8&feature=youtu.be For the past while, sci-fi filmmaker Neill Blomkamp has done well for himself at Oats Studios, a production company he founded to pursue more high-concept ideas in short form. There have been a lot

Teaser Hits For Neil Blomkamp’s Live-Action Short Movie For Anthem Game

[embed]https://youtu.be/2uvKhavSKYY[/embed] Yesterday we found out that director Neil Blomkamp was working on something for EA's upcoming game Anthem which releases on February 22nd. We now know this is a short film called Conviction and the

Anthem Endgame Trailer Attempts To Ease Gamers’ Concerns

[embed]https://youtu.be/oh2RHMcfHkg[/embed] Anthem is a new video game from EA which arrives on February 22nd on consoles and PC. Anthem is being marketed as a GAAS game, which means Games As A Service. What this normally

Anthem: Legion of Dawn Trailer Gives First Cinematic For EA’s New Video Game

[embed]https://youtu.be/lWfDwyvbkpk[/embed] Anthem is being released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on February 22nd. The game is a third-person shooter featuring different classes of mech suits that can be upgraded and leveled up as you