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Lauren Beatty and Greg Bryk Talk Werewolves and Music in Bloodthirsty [Exclusive Interview]

No one would ever figure werewolves can make great music in Bloodthirsty. Then again, they may have specially tuned ears for the occupation. In the horror film Bloodthirsty, a young singer seeks the help of

Amelia Moses on Influences for a Werewolf Movie with Bloodthirsty [Exclusive Interview]

Director Amelia Moses has been a fan of werewolves movies and horror for quite some time. With Bloodthirsty came across her desk, she jumped on the opportunity in the storytelling of a different kind of

Lowell and Wendy Hill-Tout Coming Up With A Different Werewolf Story in Bloodthirsty [Exclusive Interview]

After years of songwriting for notable musicians with Madison Beer, JoJo, Demi Lovato, and Hailee Steinfeld, Lowell took a different turn towards a fictional werewolf story with Bloodthirsty. So, she turned to her mother and