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Halloween Ends Wins The Box Office Weekend

The conclusion of David Gordon Green's Halloween Ends' won this weekend's box office numbers, despite having the lowest opening weekend number of all three films in the current Michael Myers trilogy. The film opened to

Spider-Man: No Way Home Reaches A Historic Billion Dollar Mark During The Pandemic Era

Sony Pictures had a Merry Christmas as Spider-Man: No Way Home web slings past the $1 billion at the global box office. This, despite the fact that many places are on high alert due to

Weekend Box Office Numbers At A 22 Year Low

It was going to be interesting to see the theater box office numbers this this weekend. The President declared the COVID-19 situation a national emergency and most states are recommending not getting together in large

How Many Moviegoers Check Rotten Tomatoes And Does It Matter?

One of the most peculiar trends to me of the modern movie business is the enigma that is Rotten Tomatoes. The site obviously became famous for aggregating critic and user reviews for movies, compiling them

Avengers: Infinity War Becomes Highest Grossing Marvel Movie In China

Avengers: Infinity War has been a huge success across the globe in the box office, despite only recently opening in China, a huge market these days. Now a report by LA Times shows that Infinity

Dunkirk Narrowly Beats Out The Emoji Movie In Its Second Weekend

This was an interesting weekend to behold. We had two films — The Emoji Movie and Atomic Blonde — have wide releases, but since one of these films was 💩 and the other was a

U.S. Studios Don’t Need U.S. Audiences Anymore

Stop me if you've heard these: Wonder Woman is the highest-grossing film of the summer. The latest Transformers is a flop. Valerian has no chance to make its budget back. All of these statements are

Summer Box Office Revenue Down 10 Percent From 2016

With all the millions and millions of dollars that Hollywood spends on films it is vital to the industry for them to preform well in theaters. Unfortunately this year Hollywood is off to a bad