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Rupert Majendie And Jim Archer Discuss The World Around Brian And Charles [Exclusive Interview]

Producer Rupert Majendie and director Jim Archer finally bring the full length feature of Brian and Charles to the screen. The short film won us over for its story about loneliness, friendship and companionship.  https://youtu.be/_JfWZd4CtIE

David Earl And Chris Hayward Talk About The Three Phases Of Brian And Charles [Exclusive Interview]

The creators David Earl and Chris Hayward of the popular short film, Brian and Charles, bring more smiles.  Characters that were originally introduced on stage as part of an act, then to a short film.

Brian and Charles | Jim Archer, David Earl, and Chris Hayward Sundance 2022 Interview [Exclusive]

One of the strangest and lovable comedies out of the Sundance Film Festival this year has to be Brian and Charles. Expanded from the short film of the same title, the fascinating story follows a