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Jack Ryan’s Wendell Pierce Publicly Lobbies for Role of Cleveland

You’re likely familiar with Wendell Pierce from Amazon’s Jack Ryan and HBO’s The Wire. But if he has his way, he’ll be joining the long-running Fox shows, The Cleveland Show and Family Guy.  https://twitter.com/WendellPierce/status/1277347624375455751?s=20 The horrific

Can Bob’s Burgers Co-Creator’s Central Park Be A Spiritual Successor To Parks And Recreation? (Trailer)

Every five to ten years or so, we get another animated comedy series that has the potential to compete with The Simpsons. Over the years we’ve seen the likes of South Park and Family Guy

Bob’s Burgers Creator Gets Two-Season Series Order For Animated Musical From Apple

Most of the headlines for big star, creative talent, and property acquisitions have often revolved around Netflix when it comes to digital streaming. However, today, Apple just locked down a big talent that can't be