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JJ Abrams Calls Overlord (Cloverfield 4) A ‘Crazy Movie’

While The Cloverfield Paradox was a pleasant surprise on Super Bowl Sunday, the consensus seems to be that the movie wasn't all that great, and the more we think on it, the more it feels

Paramount Plans On Releasing Cloverfield 4 And Further Entries In Theaters

JJ Abrams, Paramount, and Netflix may have pulled off the greatest feat of all time with announcing the title, releasing the trailer, and dropping the film The Cloverfield Paradox all in the same night after

RUMOR: Cloverfield 4 Is Not Only A WWII Thriller, But Has Reportedly Already Been Filmed

Around March of last year, there were rumblings about a Bad Robot project called Overlord. The film was a World War II thriller, and it was thought to potentially be yet another entry in the