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Daughter Trailer Has Casper Van Dien Psychologically Torture A Woman To Be A Part of His Family

A family dynamic is taken to the next level in Daughter. In this psychological thriller, a family kidnaps a young woman intending to use Stockholm syndrome to brainwash her to be a part of the

Cecilia Suárez Habla Del Reto De Entrar Al Género De Terror Para La Pasajera [Entrevista Exclusiva]

Cecilia Suarez entra al género de horror en la película española, La Pasajera / The Passenger. A pesar de dudar que sea algo para ella muestra que es una actriz versátil. https://youtu.be/ldSbEpwQIdE El Sinopsis  Un grupo

Addison Timlin on Channeling Hillary Clinton in When I’m A Moth [Exclusive Interview]

When I’m A Moth is an untold story about former Secretary of State and U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s younger days. Although lacking in real details, the film takes liberties to formulate a narrative on

Barbara Kingsley Talks About Her Terrifying Character Karen In Honeydew [Exclusive Interview]

What is it about old houses in the countryside that is so attractive to people? Time and time again we see folks in desperation seeking refuge in these places. Only to soon discover their grave

Exclusive Trailer for Dark Star Pictures Tu Me Manques

Traditional Latino culture leaves little room for accepting change or different lifestyles. This has caused a lot of conflicts between children and their parents. Especially when they have revealed to their mothers and fathers that

New Exclusive Trailer For Jon Garcia’s LUZ

For some Jail is something that they only know about through movies and television. While others have had to, unfortunately, learn about it first hand because of bad choices. Whichever the case, for decades it

Dark Star Pictures Hosts FREE Virtual Film Festival of Its Films

[caption id="attachment_175271" align="alignnone" width="800"] Dark Star Pictures to showcase Attack of the Demons[/caption] Dark Star Pictures, along with Bloody Disgusting, host a weekend virtual event from Friday, January 22, to Sunday, January 24, to celebrate