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For Diego Luna Andor Is About Cassian’s Inspiring Journey To Rogue One

Andor is finally here on Disney+. Rouge One for some is arguably the best Star Wars film to come out post prequels. Unfortunately, those characters that we got to know in the film didn't make

Trailer for Amazon Original Series Pan y Circo

[caption id="attachment_162090" align="alignnone" width="717"] Pan y Circo with Diego Luna[/caption] Diego Luna knows the best conversations come at the dinner table. In the Amazon Original Series, Pan y Circo, Lune travels across Mexico to share

Pan y Circo (Bread & Circus) Poster From Diego Luna for Amazon Prime Video

Diego Luna brings together different personalities for a dinner talk, especially in times like these. As an Amazon Original series, Mexican actor and filmmaker Diego Luna dine with politicians, activists, and other personalities to discuss

Diego Luna, Alan Tudyk Confirmed For Cassian Andor K-2SO Disney+ Series

Lots of buzz about the upcoming Disney+ streaming service as it was announced that they will be launching this November. With it a ton of content including all of the Star Wars films, and a

Trailer For Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico Gives Us A Brief Introduction To The Birth Of Their Drug War

https://youtu.be/VBLcYJ7C4F0 Netflix's hit series Narcos had spent it's first three seasons giving viewers a look at the the cocaine war in Colombia, pre and post the notorious Pablo Escobar. After his fall they followed the

Flatliners Remake Trailer Hits The Internet

Coming Soon brings us word that Sony Pictures has released the poster and trailer to the new movie Flatliners, the remake of the 1990 Joel Shumacher film which starred Julia Roberts and Keifer Sutherland. The