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Javier Robayo Talks About Natures Rights For Wild Hope | Exclusive

Wild Hope brings various stories about regular people making a difference. Biologist Javier Robayo is one of them and is seen protecting the Ecuadorian forest against human greed. https://youtu.be/LC6jw2GOsCg Wild Hope Official Trailer | Courtesy

Samantha Zwicker Opened Up About Her Experience Watching Wildcat | Exclusive

The Wildcat documentary brings us a fascinating subject, Samantha Zwicker. A young scholar that dedicates her time to rescue animals in Peru.  https://youtu.be/tm-dXwxPRMw The Synopsis  Suffering from depression and PTSD after a tour in Afghanistan,

Harry Turner Talks About Cats Saving Him In Wildcat | Exclusive

Veteran Harry Turner finds motivation and drive during the making Wildcat documentary. Not without some challenges while living in the wildlife and at an unexpected loss.   https://youtu.be/tm-dXwxPRMw The Synopsis  Wildcat follows the emotional and

Five Summer Stories Returning To Theaters For 50th Anniversary | EXCLUSIVE Announcement

Five Summer Stories is ready to make a splash once again in theaters beginning on August 12. The documentary is celebrating its 50th anniversary since its release in 1972 and is widely considered one of

Clusterf**k: Woodstock ’99 Trailer | Netflix Documentary Showcasing Some Of The Worst In People

A new documentary from Netflix will be released on August 3 titled, Clusterf**k: Woodstock '99. This is the terrifying tale of the events that took place in upstate New York from July 22-25 in 1999.

Light & Magic Trailer | A Inside Look At One Of Pop Cultures Most Beloved Special Effects Studio

Fans of cinema no doubt know about the various contributions of the world-renowned Industrial Light & Magic (ILM). The special effects, animation, and production division of Lucasfilm. Over the last few decades, they were the

Mark Linfield And Greg Wilson Capture America The Beautiful In Fighter Jets [Exclusive Interview]

Mark Linfield and Greg Wilson are part of the National Geographic, America The Beautiful.  The perfect six part series that celebrates America for its beautiful landscape and wildlife. https://youtu.be/p8jYJQzcKpY The Synopsis  From the award-winning producers

The Big Conn | James Lee Hernandez & Brian Lazarte On Their New HUGE Social Security Fraud Docuseries [Exclusive]

Today is the release of Apple TV+'s new original true-crime docuseries, The Big Conn. The unbelievable true story of the biggest federal fraud case in US History. It comes from the minds of the Emmy-nominated

Ted Braun On How Politics Intervened in The Making Of ¡Viva Maestro! [Exclusive Interview]

Ted Braun explores another side of documentary making with ¡Viva Maestro! An international icon, composer in classical music, Gustavo Dudamel. https://youtu.be/VCEo1bgC9Bg The Synopsis  When conductor Gustavo Dudamel’s international tours are disrupted by deadly protests across his

Los Últimos Frikis | Nicholas Brennan Talks About the Last Freaks in Habana [Exclusive Interview]

Nicholas Brennan makes his directorial debut with the full length film, Los Últimos Frikis. Based on his short film with the same title that introduced us to the popular Cuban heavy metal band Zeus.  https://youtu.be/VbfJZOe0NaQ