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Dragon Ball Fans Just Broke This Odd World Record At San Diego Comic-Con | SDCC 2019

It is that time of year where geeks worldwide head to the mecca that is San Diego Comic-Con. The pop-culture haven that we flock to like moths to a lightbulb, and at Day 0 of

Top 5 2010s Anime Opening Songs

Anime in the 2010s has been a blend between old shows carrying over from the last decades and new phenomena blossoming. With this list for the top anime openings that theme will become very observant.

Comics Legend Jim Lee Draws Manga/Anime Icon Goku From Dragon Ball

Here's a nice clashing of the East and West. Jim Lee, who's had his hand in countless comic book properties -- Marvel, DC, and many others in between -- has apparently not read a ton

Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament Of Power: A Waste Of Time Or Good Storytelling?

Fair warning, this article will contain spoilers on the final episode of Dragon Ball Super. Well, the end of Dragon Ball has finally come, for now, with the conclusion of the Tournament of Power. Dragon