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Karl Urban And Eric Kripke Talk Anatomy And Moral Dilemma in The Boys S3 [Exclusive Interview]

The showrunner, Eric Kripke brings us another wacky season of The Boys. A season where Butcher, played by Karl Urban, finds himself going against his principles. https://youtu.be/K-8VYKUZYiw The Synopsis  It’s been a year of calm.

The Boys Took A Shot At The Avengers Endgame Girl Power Scene

I have many friends that have told me that the reason why they hadn't watched Amazon Prime Video's The Boys, is because they were tired of superhero films in general. But as soon as they

The Boys Showrunner Eric Kripke Talks Season 2 | [Exclusive Interview]

When The Boys came to San Diego Comic Con last year for its big premiere you could tell it was going to be a big hit. With a gentleman like Eric Kripke as the show runner there was