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Freevee’s Dinner with the Parents | Henry Hall and Michael Watkins on Comedic Family Dynamic

Every family has its quarrels and shenanigans. The Langer Family is no different in the Freevee series Dinner with the Parents. The comedy series follows a family at its weekly gatherings, which seemingly descend into

Bosch: Legacy | Michael Connelly Previews Season Two with Characters and Crime

Michael Connelly has crafted realistic and addicting murder mysteries with his central character Harry Bosch from his novels. After seven seasons of Bosch, the homicide detective is now a private detective in Bosch: Legacy that

Freevee’s Primo | Cast Carpet Interviews at Event Launch

Plenty of Latino family-focused comedy series earned high praise for its representation and laughs. The new series Primo launching on Freevee, hopes to be the next Latino sensation. From Mike Schur (executive producer of Parks