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Gremlins Director Slams Star Wars Says Baby Yoda “Stolen” And “Copied”

Well, this is an interesting thought. Joe Dante, the director for the classic Gremlins and Gremlins 2: The New Batch is making some interesting claims about the similarities between his classic beloved Mogwai and the

Chris Columbus Would Love To Do Gremlins 3, Says Rights Issues Still A Factor

It seems there is quite a bit of news surrounding what I would call prime examples of films of the 1980s. And Gremlins would be another fine cinematic representation of the decade. Writer Chris Columbus

Gremlins Getting Animated Prequel Series On WarnerMedia Streaming Service

Gremlins is another one of those franchises that hasn’t quite died yet. Sure, there hasn’t been anything related to the property for a good while, but a sequel has been in development for a long

Gremlins Animated Series Heading To WarnerMedia Streaming Service

This year may forever be seen as the year when the war of streaming services truly began. Sure, we've had big services like Netflix and Hulu for some years now, but with Disney+ hitting, as

New Gremlins Film Will ‘Almost Definitely’ Be A Reboot

It's been a minute since we've had an update on the upcoming Gremlins film. When last we heard, writer Chris Columbus had written the script for the film. He stated that he was very proud

Alternative Movie Holiday Survival Guide — How To Get Through The Season

It’s almost Christmas holiday season folks and we here at LRM like many of our readers enjoy watching old movies at this time of year. Below is a holiday movie planner to suit every situation