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His Dark Materials Season 3 Review – A Great Adaptation

I often wondered if it was possible to adapt The Amber Spyglass, the third and final book of the His Dark Materials trilogy? Well, they did it. Check out my His Dark Materials Season 3

Bonkers Decision To Delay His Dark Materials Season 3 Premiere In Britain

This is a small article to express my disappointment at the bonkers decision to delay His Dark Materials Season 3 premiere in Britain. For my American cousins, HBO dropped Episodes 1 and 2 yesterday. However

Mulefa Revealed For His Dark Materials Season 3

In some recent coverage we finally have the Mulefa revealed for His Dark Materials Season 3. If you've never read the books, you may wonder what the fuss is? However if you have read His

His Dark Materials Season 3 Trailer Is Here And It Looks Great

His Dark Materials Season 3 trailer is finally here. To me at least, it looks great, but then as a big fan of the books I know what I'm looking at in the trailer below.

His Dark Materials Casts Metatron In Alex Hassell For Final Season

His Dark Materials casts Metatron in Alex Hassell. The actor's own bio on United Agents has Hassell listed as playing Metatron in the final season of His Dark Materials. This should be quite an interesting

His Dark Materials Season 3 Casts Gallivespians Roke And Salmakia

Deadline reports that His Dark Materials Season 3 casts Gallivespians Roke and Salmakia. Sian Clifford (Fleabag) has been cast as Lady Salmakia, and Sherlock actor Jonathan Aris as Commander Roke. Both Roke and Salmakia make

His Dark Materials Season 3 Is Shooting Plus New Cast Members Announced

His Dark Materials Season 3, the final season of the epic adaptation of Phillip Pullman's novels has begin shooting in Wales. The third season of the show, which is co-produced by both BBC and HBO

His Dark Materials Renewed For A Third And Final Season At HBO

Finally some good news I have been waiting for. His Dark Materials is renewed, and that means we are getting a Season 3 to finish off the story. The HBO/BBC joint venture just aired the

His Dark Materials Season 3 Is Weird And Complicated Says Exec Producer

His Dark Materials Season 3 is weird and complicated according to executive producer Joel Collins. Collins also works a production designer on the show and spoke with Radio Times ahead of Season 2's debut. As

As Script Work Begins Does This Mean His Dark Materials Is Renewed For Season 3?

I've been worried for a while that we haven't heard His Dark Materials is renewed for Season 3. Season 1 was brilliant for me as a fan of the books. Luckily, we already know Season