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It Sucks The Howard The Duck Toon Is Canceled And Some Falcon And Winter Soldier Talk

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Hulu Cancels Marvel’s ‘Howard the Duck’ and ‘Tigra & Dazzler’

Many changes are in the process of happening over at Marvel Television, the biggest of course being the impending exit of longtime head Jeph Loeb, who guided Marvel into the live action world of television

Kevin Smith Talks About His Upcoming Howard The Duck Animated Series

Over the past few months we heard rumors here and there about a Marvel project that Kevin smith was working on. Nerds all over the internet threw out their best guesses with the hope Smith

DC Needs To Get Their S*** Together, The Terrifying Nature Of The AT&T-Time Warner Acquisition, & More | Los Fanboys

https://soundcloud.com/los-fanboys/dc-needs-to-get-their-s-together-the-terrifying-nature-of-the-att-time-warner-acquisition QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Should Disney put a counter-bid on Fox or move on? In the latest episode of Los Fanboys, David returns! He, Jammer and Tanya talk about the dense report earlier this

Lea Thompson To Pitch Howard The Duck Movie To Marvel

Howard the Duck isn't really a film that's endured. Hell, it wasn't really a film that was able to thrive in the era in which it came out. So when it was revealed that Howard

Beyond Fest Lineup Announcement

Beyond Fest, one of the highest-attended genre film festival in the United States, announced their upcoming film slate to include movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vince Vaughn, Dario Argento, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Edgar Wright, Tommy Wiseau

Aunt May And Tara Tam Are Joining Howard The Duck In His New Series

He’s back! That Marvelous Mallard. That Foul Fowl. We’re talking about the one and only Howard the Duck – coming to you this November for a brand-new HOWARD THE DUCK #1! Don’t miss your chance