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Rodrigo Massa Interview: Brazilian Netflix Heartthrob Talks About New Album La Fiesta

[caption id="attachment_159623" align="alignnone" width="960"] Rodrigo Massa banner (Facebook)[/caption] Rodrigo Massa has many talents. Currently seen on the Univision/Netflix series El Dragon: Return of the Warriors, the Brazilian actor released his newest single ‘If I Close

Union Bridge Interview: Director Brian Levin, Scott Friend and Alex Breaux

[caption id="attachment_159437" align="alignnone" width="673"] Cropped banner from Union Bridge poster[/caption] There are deep dark secrets buried in the dirt of the Civil War battlefields. And, they should remain buried. In Union Bridge, the gothic thriller

Screened Out Director Jon Hyatt Discusses Societies Newest Addiction Technology

Technology has taken over all of our lives.  Most of society is at a point where our addiction to our cell phones has dictated our moods and personalities.  Today's youth is the most at risk

Brad Sykes Interview: The Cult Film Plaguers Returns

It’s a new year, and with it come many milestones. One milestone being celebrated is the ten-year anniversary edition of Plaguers. The film is now available on DVD, Blu-ray and digital. Originally released in 2008,

Weathering With You: Award-Winning RADWIMPS On Re-Teaming With Anime Auteur Makoto Shinkai For Score

The Japanese band RADWIMPS gained international fame with their work on the award-winning Kimi no Na wa (Your Name), an anime film that saw its male and female leads switching bodies and influencing each other's

Inherit The Viper Interview: Anthony Jerjen On Making A Debut Film Starring Josh Hartnett

With the debut of his first feature film starring Josh Hartnett, filmmaker Anthony Jerjen: is looking forward to the release. Inherit The Viper is a a film about family just as much as it is

Marisa Echeverria Interview: The Actress Talks Shameless, Goliath, And Star Wars

This past October, I had a chance to speak with actor Marisa Echeverria on her work on Goliath Season 3. In our discussions, she mentioned her excitement at joining Shameless this coming December. Well, months

Togo Filmmakers Had No Clue About The Other Serum Run Movie In The Works

Recently, I’ve had some interesting emails pop up from the folks over at Disney for a movie about the Alaskan serum run. We all know parts of the story. You know, the one with the

Black Christmas Interview: Actor Brittany O’Grady On Making The Horror Remake

Brittany O'Grady is one of the more seasoned young actors in the remake of Black Christmas, coming out this week. Having starred for three years on the hit TV show Star, she has no problem

Black Christmas Interview: Director Sophia Takal On Remaking The Classic Slasher Flick

Sophia Takal makes her studio film debut as a director with a new, socially relevant take on the slasher classic Black Christmas. With a couple independent features under her belt as a helmer, she here