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Critical Thinking Review: John Leguizamo’s Inspirational Directorial Debut

In this day and age as advanced as we claim to be, I can argue that children in this country still do not have an equal playing field when it comes to education. The problem

New Deleted Scene From Super Mario Bros. Hits The Web

https://youtu.be/HgKCxCCjyCs History has shown us that films that have been adapted from popular video games have generally not done very well for one reason or another. So is the case for the live action version

Trailer For Playing With Fire Starring John Cena Drops!

https://youtu.be/fd5GlZUpfaM Up until the release of the trailer this morning, I had never heard of this family film titled Playing with Fire from Paramount Pictures and Paramount Players starring John Cena, Keegan-Michael Key and John