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Joker 2 – Did Todd Phillips Just Confirm A Script?

Did Todd Phillips just confirm a script for Joker 2 on Instagram? It certainly looks like it to me, unless it's a prank, and this is the wrong part of Spring for that kind of

Rumor: Phoenix Is Considering A Huge Offer To Make Joker Sequels? | LRM’s Barside Buzz

According to a new rumor, Joaquin Phoenix is considering a huge offer to make Joker sequels. Specifically the rumor says that Phoenix has been offered $50M to play Joker in two sequels by DC. Joker,

Joker Actress, Zazie Beetz, Skeptical Of Joker Sequel And We Should Be Too

DC is known for their constant hit or miss films, but clearly Joker will go down as one of their most successful hits. This is solidified by the amount of Oscar nominations and wins. Positive

RUMOR: Joker Sequel In The Works?

Remember when Joker was just an interesting little experiment over at Warner Bros.? To simply utilize one of the comic book characters and inject a little bit of that prestige genre into it? Who would’ve