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First Look At The Retractable Lightsaber From Disney – Finally!

After hearing about the strange wizardry involved we have finally got our first look at the Retractable Lightsaber. We know this is coming, but as yet all we have seen are descriptions and some technical

Disney’s Real Lightsaber Will Destroy The Lightsaber Market

Over the past 48 hours, Star War's fans started to hear reports that Disney had figured out how to make a real lightsaber and would be selling it to the public.  During "A Special Look

Lighter Lightsabers May Lead To The Most Epic Fight In All Of Star Wars

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPn756tfbEE The Lightsaber has been captivating audiences since 1977. The idea of a "laser sword" (which is the absolute worst way to describe it... George!) is exciting as it combines fantasy/medieval fighting with science fiction's

Disney Has Filed A New Patent For Lightsaber With Retractable Technology

Nerds quest for more realistic lightsaber won't end until until we are hacking off each other's arms with ones that work just like in the movies. The lightsaber is one of, if not the most