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Netflix Announces Fifth And Final Part For International Sensation Money Heist

One of my favorite series on Netflix is coming to an end. Netflix's international sensation Money Heist or Casa De Papel will be returning to the streaming service for one last season. The Spanish heist crime

The Stakes Are High In Trailer For Netflix’s Money Heist Part 4

https://youtu.be/p_PJbmrX4uk With so many shows on a variety of streaming services, it's easy sometimes to look over some series. Especially if such series originated in an international market. Such was the case for me and

Trailer For The Highly Anticipated Third Season Of Netflix’s Money Heist Hits The Web

https://youtu.be/TFJwUwnShnA In case you have never taken the time to watch the Spanish drama Money Heist on Netflix, you should do yourself a favor and check it out BEFORE you watch this trailer. The show