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What to Watch This Weekend: Moonfall

Moonfall is the mystery of why the Earth’s moon is suddenly falling out of orbit and what can be done to stop it. Ten years ago, astronaut Brian Harper (Patrick Wilson) experienced a phenomenon in

Roland Emmerich Says Marvel, DC And Star Wars Ruining The Movie Industry – I Say He Is

Everyone's favorite movie maker Roland Emmerich says Marvel, DC and Star Wars are ruining the movie industry. You may remember Emmerich from multi-Oscar winning movies like Stargate, Independence Day, Godzilla 98', 10,000 BC, The Day After

Moonfall Trailer | The Moon Is Out Of Orbit And Earth Is In Trouble

Lionsgate has released their final trailer for Moonfall. Roland Emmerich is back to treat us with another sci-fi feature film that once again showcases humanity in trouble. This time, the Moon has been knocked out

Moonfall Teaser Trailer with The Moon Attacking Earth

Terrorism. Wars. Wild fires. Hurricanes. Climate change. Pandemic. Why not have the moon attack this planet next year? The masterful director Roland Emmerich’s Moonfall plans to make its landing in theaters next year. Do expect