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NatGeo’s Explorer: Lost in the Arctic | Renan Ozturk on Retracing the Steps of a Doomed Explorer

The Northwest Passage was a seafarer theory that could easily connect the West with the East around the globe through the icy ocean of the arctic. Almost two centuries ago, many explorers navigated those waters

Charles: In His Own Words | Tom Jennings Talks About Footage Never Seen Before [Exclusive]

Charles: In His Own Words shows us another side of King Charles III. With a better understanding of why he was known to be the rebel prince, by Award winning Tom Jennings. https://youtu.be/LGsLjI0cux4 The Synopsis 

National Geographic’s Secrets of the Elephants Reveals Natalie Portman as Narrator and James Cameron Announces 2 More “Secrets of” Series | TCA 2023

In celebration of National Geographic’s 135 years of existence, extraordinary blockbuster director and environmentalist James Cameron made a surprise visit to the Television Critics Association to announce that actress Natalie Portman will narrate the Earth

National Geographic Presents Oscar Shortlist Doc Directors with Alex Pritz, Sara Dosa, Matthew Heineman, and Cynthia Wade | TCA 2023

With the award season underway, National Geographic invited four celebrated directors of documentary films to the Academy shortlist. The panelist attendees included director Alex Pritz of The Territory, director Sara Dosa of Fire of Love,

Bertie Gregory Talks About The Environmental Message | Epic Adventures With Bertie Gregory

Bertie Gregory brings us his newest escapades in Epic Adventures With Bertie Gregory on National Geographic.  https://youtu.be/iVOcBwtF78o The Synopsis  The face of a new generation of aspirational adventurers and natural history filmmakers, 29-year-old National Geographic

NatGeo’s America’s National Parks | Anwar Mamon Interview

Documentarian and executive producer Anwar Mamon fell in love with the United States through its national parks. In the project with National Geographic, he worked with several teams to highlight some of the best wilderness

NatGeo’s The Deepest Cave | Pablo Durana Interview [Exclusive]

The 68-year-old Bill Stone firmly believes that Cheve Cave in Oaxaca, Mexico is the world’s deepest cave. In this three-month expedition, he recruited the best cavers along with cinematographer Pablo Durana to navigate its caverns

NatGeo’s The Deepest Cave Exclusive Clip

Besides the deep blue sea, the Earth’s deepest caverns are one of the last places for explorers on this planet. In National Geographic’s The Deepest Cave, a team of explorers descends into the cavernous pit

Mariana Van Zeller Habla De Su Curiosidad En Trafficked De NatGeo [Entrevista Exclusiva]

Mariana Van Zeller regresó para darnos otra prueba de adrenalina con la nueva temporada de Trafficked de National Geographic.  https://youtu.be/CJyavZ_HtpY En Trafficked con Mariana Van Zeller, periodista ganadora de premios explora el trabajo interior de

Carlos Gonzalez-Vio on Playing a Scientist in NatGeo’s The Hot Zone: Anthrax [Exclusive Interview]

In a race against time, the FBI tried to uncover the truth before the anthrax terrorist strikes more terror in National Geographic’s The Hot Zone: Anthrax. With their investigation turns suddenly to anthrax specialist Bruce