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Pacific Rim: Uprising: Actress Shyrley Rodriguez On The Backstory and Behind The Scenes Production

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYP993fUXrM How hard is it to control a Jaeger anyways? Very, very hard. Although, it’s a sci-fi fictional movie. There’s a lot going on make the Jaeger scenes realistic in Pacific Rim: Uprising from the

Pacific Rim Opens With $28M, Finally Usurping Black Panther

https://soundcloud.com/los-fanboys/pacific-rim-opens-with-28m-finally-usurping-black-panther-los-fanboys-box-office-report This past weekend saw a good number of movies hit wide release, including Pacific Rim Uprising, Sherlock Gnomes, Midnight Sun, and Unsane. At number one was Pacific Rim Uprising, the Steven DeKnight-directed sequel to

Pacific Rim Uprising Review: An Uneven Ride, But A Step Up From The Original

Before I delve into the actual review of the film, it's worth knowing right off the bat that this review is coming from someone who loathed that first film. I had gone into that first

Pacific Rim: Aftermath Fills In The Blanks Between Movies

Movie tie-in comics are nothing new. Star Wars has several monthly books. Marvel puts a limited series out for nearly all of their films before they drop. Even video games get tie-ins. While tie-in comics

Pacific Rim Uprising: The Influence Idris Elba Had On John Boyega’s Performance

Pacific Rim Uprising comes out this Friday (if you are a loser, everyone knows movies actually come out Thursday night at 7pm...) and boy, am I excited. Yes, it looks like a more cartoony, kids-friendly,

Pacific Rim Uprising Director Took The Best Ideas From Previous Scripts

  Sometimes working a project that has went through a few re-writes can be beneficial. Just ask the director of Pacific Rim: Uprising, Steven S. DeKnight. DeKnight was able to go through the revisions of the

Legendary Comics to Release Six-Part Prequel Comics For Pacific Rim Uprising

Time to watch those Jaegers and Kaiju epic battles. In anticipation of next year’s release of Pacific Rim Uprising starring John Boyega, Legendary Comics will be releasing a six-part comic book series tied in as