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Paramount+’s Rugrats | EG Daily and Tara Strong on Season Two and Intro to Dil Pickles

One of the most beloved characters from Rugrats is making his comeback in the rebooted series on Paramount+. In a mid-season introduction, the Pickles family has a new addition with the baby, Dil Pickles. Dil

Chase Liefeld Talks about Embracing Villain Roles in Disney+’s Chang Can Dunk and Paramount+’s Wolf Pack

The villains have more fun. That’s the roles up-and-coming actor Chase Liefeld managed to play on screen. This month, Liefeld stars in trending streaming projects with the Disney+ film Chang Can Dunk and the Paramount+

Paramount+’s At Midnight | Monica Barbaro on Courtship and Dancing with Diego Boneta

To have Diego Boneta as a lead for a rom-com is certainly a boon for rising star Monica Barbaro in Paramount+’s At Midnight. The film stars Diego Boneta as Alejandro, Monica Barbaro as Sophie, Anders

Paramount+’s School Spirits Reveals Premiere Date and Trailer | TCA 2023

A murdered ghost must solve her own mystery in School Spirits for Paramount+. The high school series follows a young woman recently murdered at a high school with fragments of her last moments before death.

Paramount+’s Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies Unveils Teaser Art, Trailer, and Cast Diversity | TCA 2023

In one of the latest trends for streaming services, musicals are making their way into this blossoming industry. From Paramount+, the streaming studio introduces Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies, a follow-up to the popular

Paramount+’s Rabbit Hole Reveals Premiere Date, Teaser Art, and Photos | TCA 2023

Rabbit Hole, starring Kiefer Sutherland, opened the Paramount+ presentation at the Television Critics Association 2023. The streaming studio unveiled a new teaser poster and a few official photos from the series. Also, the critic members

Paramount+’s Transformers: EarthSpark | Ant Ward and Dale Malinowski Interview

For co-executive producers Ant Ward and Dale Malinowski have worked on several iconic animated projects, and landing the next Transformers series with Transformers: EarthSpark for Paramount+ is a childhood dream comes true. The animated series