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Matt Reeves Talks Creating a Batverse And Subsequent Spin-Offs

Following The Batman which releases soon, director Matt Reeves talks creating a Batverse and the subsequent spin-offs in a recent interview with EW. The Batman is likely a jumping off point for this new Batverse

Colin Farrell Penguin HBO Max Show Rumored Prequel And Sequel To The Batman | Barside Buzz

The Colin Farrell Penguin HBO Max show will be both prequel and sequel to The Batman says the latest Barside Buzz. We first reported Deadline's reveal of a Penguin show back in September. However Daniel

Penguin Spin-Off Series From The Batman Coming To HBO Max

Deadline reports that a Penguin spin-off series from The Batman is being developed for HBO Max. To date that would make this Penguin centered show the second spin-off project from the yet to be released