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Sean Connery Is Greater Than Disney: Star Demanded More Money For The Rock

Saying that the year 2020 is bad is probably the largest understatement ever. Pandemic aside, we have lost some amazing individuals. This includes the recent death of the legend himself: Sean Connery. The first thing

Harrison Ford Talks Sean Connery Being His On-Screen Father In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

A few days ago Hollywood lost a legend when actor Sean Connery passed away at the age of 90. While many people associate him with being James Bond (Connery was the first actor to portray

Sean Connery Dead At 90: RIP Agent 007 And Will Halloween Kill At Next Year’s Fall Box Office? | LRMornings

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Sean Connery: A Fan’s Goodbye

Sean Connery: A Fan's Goodbye Some stars have an inexplicable charisma that makes them impossible to take your eyes off of when they are on screen. We just lost perhaps the greatest example of that

Sean Connery Passed At The Age Of 90 In His Sleep

Every year it feels like we lose too many beloved actors, singers, and athletes. Of course, 2020 makes everything feel so much worse. Sean Connery, famous for his roles in James Bond films, the Highlander series, and Hunt for the