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Brian Skerry Talks About Whales Having Rich Cultures In Secrets Of The Whales [Exclusive Interview]

In celebration of Earth Day, Brian Skerry brings us the new Secrets of the Whales. Skerry is the creator of the new four part series narrated by the award winning-actress Sigourney Weaver.  https://youtu.be/xOySOlB78dM The Synopsis  “Secrets

Raphaelle Thibaut Talks About Composing Music For Secrets Of The Whales [Exclusive Interview]

Raphaelle Thibaut is the music composer of the new four part series Secrets Of The Whales.  https://youtu.be/xOySOlB78dM The Synopsis  “Secrets of the Whales,” from National Geographic, plunges viewers deep within the epicenter of whale culture

Secrets of the Whales Trailer From National Geographic

The majestic sea creatures, the whales, need saving and understanding. National Geographic’s Secrets of the Whales is from filmmaker James Cameron (Avatar) and with narration from Sigourney Weaver (Alien). The score is from French composer