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A Closer Look At Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams

Sometime this fall we are going to be treated to Tim Burton's Wednesday on Netflix. The star of the show as mentioned in the title will be the oldest of the siblings, Wednesday Addams played

Wednesday Trailer Showcases Jenna Ortega and The Rest of the Addams Family

The Addams family is back in live-action form in the all-new Netflix series, Wednesday. On Tuesday (Aug 16), Netflix released our first look at the four classic characters that have become so beloved for generations.

Danny Elfman Composing The Theme For Danny Elfman’s Wednesday Netflix Series

Earlier this year, we found out that Tim Burton is directing and producing the Netflix series, Wednesday, about The Addams Family character, Wednesday Addams. We will be following her in this eight episode series next year.

Wednesday Addams To Be Played by Jenna Ortega

For decades now the Addams family has shown us how normal being different can be. The last time we saw the Addams was in the feature animated film. But it looks like they are going

Addams Family Series In The Works By Who Other Than Tim Burton

One of the most timeless and iconic families in entertainment is without a doubt The Addams Family. I believe this to be true due to the fact that they were created back in the later

The Addams Family Is Fittingly Devious In Official Trailer

Everyone’s favorite Halloween family is returning — this time in CG animated form. As to be expected from a project like this, it is pretty family-friendly, but there is an undercurrent of deviousness that permeates

Addams Family Character Posters Hit The Web!

One of my favorite families in film and television are without a doubt is The Addams Family. This October, the classic characters from this spooky franchise return to the big screen in an animated film.

The Addams Family Teaser: Every Family Is Strange, But Theirs Is A Lot Stranger

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z5VUf5x2RY&amp=&feature=youtu.be Here's a bit of trivia. Did you know that, in spite of its many incarnations, there actually hasn't been an animated The Addams Family movie? Call me an idiot (as many of you often

Christina Ricci Would Return To THIS Unexpected Film Franchise

If you were a young child in  1991, there's a possibility that you had a crush on that young actress all dressed in black. That gothic daughter of the cooky family in the big, spooky

The Addams Family: First Image & All-Star Cast Is Announced

The Addams Family animated film, which is set to hit theaters on October 11, 2019, is making some real progress. Last December, we reported on the announcement that Oscar Isaac would be voicing Gomez, and