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His Dark Materials Team Would Love To Film The Book Of Dust And Already Kinda Have

We've known for some time that the His Dark Materials team would love to film The Book of Dust. The Book of Dust is a trilogy of novels from author Phillip Pullman, set in the

His Dark Materials Wants Four Seasons To Adapt The Book Of Dust?

If you’ve been a fan of His Dark Materials, these past few months have been pretty amazing. Not only did we just get a solid season of television in the form of the BBC/HBO collaboration

His Dark Materials: An Excerpt Hits Of Philip Pullman’s Book Of Dust 2

This year will truly be one for the books for fans of Philip Pullman. In addition to us getting a second shot at The Golden Compass story with the impending HBO/BBC series His Dark Materials,

HBO’s His Dark Materials Casts Its Will Parry, Book Of Dust Book 2 Cover Revealed!

What a good day to be a fan of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials. The fantasy series first kicked off in the 1990s and concluded in 2000 with the third book, The Amber Spyglass. The

His Dark Materials Author’s Latest Book Of Dust Novel Hits Later This Year

  It's not often we cover book release dates on LRM, but this particular series of books has a place in both my heart and our editor in chief Joseph Jammer Medina. We are renowned

The Book of Dust: La Belle Sauvage – Does This His Dark Materials Companion Live Up To The Original?

It’s not the norm for LRM to cover book reviews, though we certainly do dabble in the written word of comics. However when as important a book as this comes along, it seems only right