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Is Onward’s Muted Box Office Opening A Sign Of U.S. COVID-19 Concerns?

COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, has certainly had an impact on industries across the board. It’s led to the cancelation of many different staple events in film and geek culture, and has

Yeniffer Behrens Interview: The Way Back, El Contratista, Dave And More

Yennifer Behrens is a multitalented actress, producer, and filmmaker who is quite busy with shows on FX, Amazon, Netflix, and appearing in feature films like Ben Affleck's The Way Back. She brings her Latino heritage wherever

The Hard Road To Redemption In The Second Trailer For The Way Back

https://youtu.be/GhtTc7R8yBk I am not sure exactly what it is about sports films that have caught our attention throughout the years. It could be that there is something inspiring about seeing a team or coach go

Ben Affleck Gets Personal In The Way Back Trailer

Early Thursday morning, Warner Bros. related the trailer for their upcoming drama The Way Back, starring Ben Affleck. Click the video below to get the first peek at what looks to be an emotional performance. Due