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There’s Someone Inside Your House | Sydney Park On Her Character Dealing With Guilt And A Killer [Exclusive Interview]

Guilt can be one hell of a weight. Despite not having a physical mass it can slow down all aspects of your life. Sometimes it would seem that the easiest way to deal with it

There’s Someone Inside Your House | The Cast Of The Netflix Film On Why Teens Are Perfect For Horror [Exclusive Interview]

With the release this week of There’s Someone Inside Your House on Netflix. It’s time to once again talk about slasher films. Specifically the dangers of being a teenager in one. We have seen time

Netflix With More Horror On The Way: There’s Someone Inside Your House Official Trailer

Last week, I covered the trailer for Netflix’s Midnight Mass series and now, Netflix is bringing us a horror movie for our Halloween season. We're off to a great spooky season! There’s Someone Inside Your

Netflix Nabs YA Slasher Adaptation From Stranger Things Production Company

Netflix has been tripling down on their film production and output for the past couple years, and it looks like that trend is continuing. With this latest project, they will be delving into the YA