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Symbiote Tom Holland? NWH Concept Artist Shares His Vision

Symbiote Tom Holland? If you have not seen Spider-Man NWH, this article will have minor spoilers. Don't get me wrong, film is awesome! However, I did have one issue, and it involves a certain well-known

Zachary Levi Shares Which Superhero He’d Like Billy Batson To Work With | Los Angeles Comic Con

This past weekend was the tenth year of the annual Los Angeles Comic-Con. Granted, it has had some name changes throughout the year but nevertheless, it has remained a great show for fans from all

Maguire And Garfield Will Co-Lead With Holland In ‘No Way Home’

Without a doubt Spider-Man: No Way Home has been setting the internet on fire since pre-production of the movie started.  With rumors starting over a year ago with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield reprising their roles as

Robert Downey Jr. On Tony Stark’s Return To The MCU, And How ‘Cherry’ Will Affect Tom Holland’s Career

Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland showed great chemistry during the times they shared the screen in the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. An exceptionally well-done mentor/mentee relationship. While RDJ has a career that

Tom Holland Loves WandaVision, Thinks Olsen And Bettany Are Brilliant

Tom Holland isn't only an actor within Marvel's Cinematic Universe, he's also a fan. While filming his third film portraying Peter Parker, Holland has been staying up to date on Marvel's latest success, the Disney+

Tom Holland Made It Through Several Auditions For The Role of Finn In The Force Awakens

Tom Holland was almost found his big break in a galaxy far, far away instead of in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The actor who's now famous the world over for being the definitive(in my opinion)

Tom Holland Broke His Computer When He Learned He Was The New Spider-Man

Tom Holland reportedly being eyed to play a peculiar chocolatier, candy maker, and possible serial murderer in a Willy Wonka prequel. Currently, the actor is filming Spider-man 3. Holland plays a fantastic version of Spider-Man.

Chaos Walking Trailer Starring Daisy Ridley And Tom Holland

Chaos Walking from Lionsgate is one of those films that has been around for a while, similar to New Mutants. You know the film that kept getting pushed back for every reason imaginable? It had

First Look of Tom Holland As Nathan Drake in Uncharted Movie

[caption id="attachment_171654" align="alignnone" width="800"] Nathan Drake in Uncharted[/caption] Tom Holland as Nathan Drake? I would be the first to laugh. A few years ago, yours truly was on the bandwagon of Nathan Fillion as Nathan

Hold The Presses Sony Says Spider-Man 3 Rumor ‘Not Confirmed’

This has been an interesting couple weeks regarding the newest Spider-Man movie. It was first reported that Jamie Foxx would be reprising his role as Electro, then Benedict Cumberbatch would be also in the movie