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Don Cheadle Shares Details On Scrapped War Machine MCU Movie

Don Cheadle has been playing James Rhodes aka War Machine since he replaced Terence Howard in the role first in Iron Man 2. For an MCU character that has been there since day one and

Marvel Considered Making A War Machine Movie

Speculating on Marvel's phase 4 films has become a full-time job for the Internet. Fans and media are scrubbing every press release, interview, and Easter egg for a hint or a clue. Marvel, to their

War Machine Review: A Film As Chaotic As The War It Examines

The very idea of war is insane. We send young people with limited life experience to fight in foreign lands, where they neither speak the language nor understand the culture, and expect what exactly? It's

New War Machine Trailer Exposes The Absurdity Of The War On Terror

Movies about modern military conflicts, whether action, drama, or comedy are tough nuts to crack. For every epic war film like Black Hawk Down, American Sniper, or Zero Dark Thirty there are clunkers like Whiskey