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A Creature Was Stirring | Damien LeVeck, Scout Taylor-Compton, and Connor Paolo on Playing Challenging Characters and the Creature Feature in Horror Films

There is a specific lure of watching Christmas horror films from the safety of your home drinking hot cocoa by a fireplace. The warmth of the holidays mixed with the terror makes it an exciting

Your Lucky Day | Jessica Garza and Daniel Brown on Lottery, Characters and Angus Cloud

To win $156 million in a lottery may be more trouble than one actually think. In the thriller Your Lucky Day, a group of people in a convenience story must make life or death decisions

Unwelcome Poster Has Pregnant Woman Haunted by a Goblin

The Irish folklore has some of the most memorable legendary creatures that are still talked about today from leprechauns to unicorns and the dastardly goblins. In Unwelcome, a couple soon finds out that the legends

Project Wolf Hunting | Kim Hongsun Interview

Kim Hongsun is one of the next Korean sensations in cinema. With more Korean theater and television project imports in the United States, Project Wolf Hunting is another one that die-hard cinemagoers will discuss for