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XFL Plans To Relaunch Spring 2023 After Talks With CFL Tabled

The XFL announced yesterday that plans are in place to relaunch the spring football league in 2023.  The announcement came after both the XFL and CFL tabled talks of a collaborative partnership had been tabled.

The Rock Buying The XFL Is Pure Genius And Will Challenge The NFL

If you watched the show Ballers on HBO then you must have heard this story before.  Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, has partnered with Redbird Capital to purchase the XFL for 15 million dollars.  The upstart

XFL Suspends Operations And Has No Plans To Return In 2021

Well, that’s all, folks. For now. The XFL has crumbled in the past, and it looks like it’s crumbled yet again. This morning, multiple sources told ESPN that XFL has suspended its operations. The news

The XFL Has Some Flaws But Overall Is A Great Product

It has been almost twenty years since we got to experience Vince McMahon's creation of The XFL.  Although it was only for one season it had a lasting impact on what not to do in


In 2000, the WWE could do no wrong. They were at the top of the ratings chart with Monday Night Raw, The Rock was just hitting his stride as one of the greatest performers in