– by Campbell Clark

What do we think of the new teaser released by Fox above for The Predator then? The Original Predator was an 80’s classic, and one of my favourite films of the decade.

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Predator somehow elevated itself above the standard monster slash-fest, partly due to some great performances by the cast. The characters were as far removed from the standard screaming teenagers as one could get. Instead we had battle hardened mercenary warriors led by Arnold Schwarzenegger in one of his defining roles as ‘Dutch’.

However, the many sequels that have spawned from the success of Predator have not fared quite as well. Frankly, though I have seen them all, none have come close to matching the original movie for me.

You may be aware that the mini-reboot currently underway, does so under the guidance of director Shane Black. For those not aware Black was one of the original cast members in the first Predator movie. Surely, if anyone can capture some of the magic of Predator it’s Shane Black?

I don’t think the teaser gives us much to be excited about, but also nothing to really worry about either. My only red-flag was the mention of the word ‘hybrid’. It fills me with thoughts of the hybrid dinosaurs in the Jurassic World movies, and I am not a fan of that rebooted franchise so far.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed as always, that Black will find a way to capture some of the charm of that classic Predator movie. The Predator is unleashed upon cinemas on September 14.

Is the teaser igniting any fanboy excitement for you? Share your thoughts and any concerns in the comments below.

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